Just chillin in Pai, Pai, Thailand

From link::Just chillin in Pai, Pai, Thailand

Richie messin about again

Travelled up north of Chiang Mai today for about 4 hours to a little village called Pai.Its lovely we hired out a moped for afew days because theres loads of places to see.
We went to a place called spa exotic, which was like a really warm swimming pool,ah bloody lovely it was. We then just walked through the village at night which was lit up and looks really romantic.

Day 2
Today was spent travelling round from place to place on our moped it was great fun and we loved it.We had a Indian on the street at night which was o.k but we`ve had better,then we wondered round the village, most the the little bars are converted vans and small trucks they look really cool.
We stopped at one and everybody seemed to be smoking what looked like a bong,after asking we tried one it was just flavoured smoke nothing to special but unsual.After afew beers we strolled home to our hut by the river.

Jans favourite banana rotis(like pancakes)

Today has been spent chillin out, we treated ourselves to an all over oil massage which was really relaxing.We will defiantely be investing in some more of these.After the massage all we wanted to do was soak up the sun and read our books.
Pai is definately a cool place to spend anything from afew days to alot longer.They was more than an ample amount of what one of our friends(paul) would call banana pancake munchers here(really hippy travellers with dread locks etc..)

Local bar

Day 4
Another day just spent chillin,and walking around trying food from all the different street carts, i love it, trying as many differnt food groups as i can and it hardly costs a thing.
We are going over to Loas tonight at 10pm so have been wasting time all day really.We should arrive at the border for about 4.30/5am.

From link::Just chillin in Pai, Pai, Thailand

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