Pai (but no pie in sight!)

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The journey to Pai was again spectacular and we ventured through some beautiful hill country and it has to be said steep and windy roads but Pai was well worth it! Its a v laidback little town and a bit of a backpackers haven really!

Pai proved to be our first attempt at killing ourselves exercise wise by sensibly hiring bikes in the heat of the day and attempting to ride 8km to a waterfall which was all uphill! You can imagine how enchanted I was! Why do you think I never rode a bike growing up...hills I hate them and it proves how unfit I am (that's the real reason!)

My husband - Mr Stamina - just keeps going while I puff and pant away geting frustrated with the gears (can you believe I'm 27 and have never used a bike with gears before! How embarassing!) Anyway, after stubbing my toe about 6 times and swearing like a good 'un, we finally reached the waterfall which was lovely and worth the perspiration but was I glad the way back was all downhill! Think I'm going to have to work on the old fitness levels!

In the late afternoon, we went to a nearby elephant camp and went on an amazing trek on the back of an elephant around the Pai countryside and through the river! We timed it just right as it all happened just as the sun was setting - stunning and really peaceful! It could even have been classified as romantic - although I'm sure Paul would disagree! He was too busy taking pictures of the elephants going to the toilet! NICE!

We finished the day having a very chilled out meal in a little restaurant which I think led to the demise of my tummy over the next few days.....

From link::www.travelpod.com

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