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Found my groove here in Pai! Pai is one of the best towns I've visited yet. The minibus here from Chiang Mai took about 3 hours on curvy, mountain roads. Pai is northwest of Chiang Mai and is a little over 100k from the Burmese border. The central town only has about 6 main roads and motorbikes vastly outnumber cars. Cafes, art and yoga studios, used book stores, restaurants, and hill tribe vendors line the streets. The town is renowned for its live music scene. It sounds pretty touristy but in fact there are very little touristy sights to see. The town population is an interesting mix of Thai, Thai-Chinese, hill tribe people (including the hill tribe called Karen!!!), Muslims, and farangs (westerners) who just never left. The result is an interesting blend of people who feel free just to be themselves.

The power in the town has gone out for a few hours in the evening time each night that I've been here. It doesn't seem to be planned, but it also doesn't really seem to bother anyone. Candles appear instantly and light the shops and streets, creating a beautiful scene absent of the humming of air conditioners and blaring Thai television dramas. I get the sense that electricity is considered nice, but not seen as a necessity.

Today was an amazing day. I rented a scooter (3 USD per 24 hrs) and zipped around town and the surrounding countryside. (Yes, my bike was pink with a basket on the front.) The minimal traffic in this area is ideal for motorbikes. Riding on the left was a surprisingly easy adjustment. It felt so good to be on the road in charge of my own destiny, free to stop at whatever roadside looked interesting. Buses are cheap and convenient, but they don't offer the luxury of roaming. I visited a hilltop wat (temple), drove past a lot of cows, water buffalo, and elephants, and tried to go to a waterfall. I say tried because I had to hike to it from the road and about 3k along the trail there was a small fire that was next to the trail. The hill tribe people do this as part of their farming routine. Anyways, it looked like it was growing and I didn't want to get trapped on the other side! So I turned around. Which was OK because its been over 100 degrees F with high humidity. Really not ideal weather for hiking.

Its amazing how quickly we can adapt to our surroundings. I've noticed on my travels that the first week or so in a new country is a bit overwhelming and strange, but then the new country seems completely normal. For example, I'd been sitting here typing, completely at ease, and then a gecko just ran across the computer desk. Oh yeah, I'm in Thailand!

Sidenote: I've been corresponding with family and some tech-savvy friends using Skype, a VOIP program thats FREE when talking computer to computer. The sound quality is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. You should give it a try if you haven't already. The internet cafes are full of travelers using it. For example, the German girl next to me was just talking to her roommate and her cat. Mostly her cat.

From link::KB's travels

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